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Copper Day at Swansea University

Four venues at Swansea University are taking part in Copper Day.

Swansea University is perhaps the surprising home of a lot of copper history. Singleton Abbey was the main residence of the copper magnates the Vivians during the 19th century and in 1924 became the founding building of University College Swansea. The Richard Burton Archives in the University Library houses several internationally-important collections of company records relating to the copperworks of Swansea, now housed in state-of-the-art facilities. The University’s long tradition of metallurgical innovation also continues today in the Materials Research Centre. And of course, Swansea University is the home of the Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper Project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Richard Burton Archives, University Library

Richard Burton Archives (credit: Swansea University)

Richard Burton Archives, University Library

Copper archives All day
A display showing examples of copper archives in the collection and the stories they can tell us.

Behind-the-scenes at the archives Starts 2pm and 2.30pm
Take this rare opportunity to visit the new state-of-the-art facilities, opened in April 2010. Staggered tours.

Singleton Abbey, Swansea University

Singleton Abbey gothic details (credit: Tehmina Goskar)

Singleton Abbey

At home with the Vivians with Prof. Ralph Griffiths Starts 3pm
A talk and tour led by renowned scholar Prof. Ralph Griffiths, a medieval historian and expert in the history of the Vivians, the most famous Swansea copper family. The illustrated talk will be held in the Council chamber of the Abbey followed by a tour of this fabulous building which is not usually open to the public. Note: for this talk and tour, meet beforehand in the Richard Burton Archives in the University Library (see above).

Tap making by Triflow Concepts

Tap manufacture (credit: Triflow Concepts)

Materials Research Centre, SURF Room, Fulton House

Copper in our lives today (Copper Development Association UK and Materials Research Centre)
It is estimated that 80% of copper ever mined is still in use today because of its infinite recyclability. That’s amazing! Come and learn more about copper in the modern world, where it comes from today and what we do with it from fighting hospital superbugs to manufacturing the humble tap. Meet leading experts in copper industry and business.

What would life be like without copper?
Take a look at how copper has been used in scientific research to change the world, and what current research beholds for us in tomorrow’s world.

Egypt Centre

Exploring Ancient Egypt at Swansea University's Egypt Centre

Exploring Ancient Egypt (credit: Swansea University, Egypt Centre)

Take the Ancient Copper Quiz Open 10am-4pm
The Egypt Centre is home to some of the most significant ancient copper alloy artefacts in the world. Egypt was one of the major centre for copper smelting and manufacturing in the ancient world. Come and learn more by taking the Ancient Copper Quiz.

Take a look at some ancient Egyptian copper alloy in the online collections.

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  1. Brendan Campbell says:

    Apart from the tour will all of the venues be accessible for disabled people or those with mobility problems?



    • copperday says:

      Dear Brendan,

      Check out the visitor information links to the various venues in the How to Get Here section. Most venues offer regular public access and I expect they will be accessible to disabled people and those with mobility problems. If you are in doubt, I would recommend you telephone the venue you are interested in visited beforehand and they will be able to advise.

      Dr. Tehmina Goskar (Research Officer ESRC Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper Project).

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